FAQuestion: What is the CoreCoach for? (FOR) 

Answer: Many people with lower back pain understand that they need to strengthen their core to support their back and relieve their back pain. Most people focus on conditioning their 6-pack and obliques (side abdominal muscles). That’s because these muscles are visible from the outside. But the main muscle to keep you upright and stable is your transverse abdominis, your TVA. It is a huge, inner muscle that you can’t see from the outside and is therefore difficult to know if you are strengthening. The CoreCoach provides instant feedback (biofeedback) while exercising so you know that you are targeting the TVA. Strengthen your TVA and you will properly support your spine and relieve your back pain.


Question: What is the NeckCoach for?

Answer: It helps strengthen the muscles that often cause neck pain.

Your head belongs over your shoulders. Many people suffer neck strain by too much dropping of the head. This is very common when texting and is often referred to as “Text Neck”. This is also common with people sitting at a desk job in front of a computer. The NeckCoach helps strengthen the deep neck flexor muscles (deep cervical flexors). These muscles help support your head and keep it over your shoulders where it belongs and causes less strain. All it takes is 2 minutes of use, 4 times a week. Follow the online video training instructions at Corehealthbrands.com/Training to learn how to use it.


Question: What is biofeedback?

Answer: Biofeedback is little more than a method to provide you with real-time data showing the performance of your body. Just like an EKG provides biofeedback about your heart rhythm, the CoreCoach provides feedback about the movement of your core. Your goal is to keep the needle on the gauge steady when in the target zone (HOLD). 


Question: Why do I need to look at the gauge?

Answer: Do you pay attention to your fitness trainer, physical therapist, coach or teacher as they guide you to perform properly? The gauge is your coach. Watching the gauge enables you to see when you are activating your TVA and guides you to advance to a more challenging exercise. When you are able to keep the needle steady on HOLD while exercising, you are ready to advance to a more challenging exercises.


Questions: The gauge seems to lose pressure when I first pump it up or as I do my exercises. Is this normal?

Answer: Yes, when you first pump the air pillow air must fill all the chambers and equalize. The best practice is to pump it up, roll slightly to one side then the other, then finish adjusting the pressure. It should hold steady. 

The gauge may lose a couple units of pressure between sets. Simply pump a little air to bring the gauge back to the starting pressure.


Question: What do you mean by "activating" my TVA?

Answer: When you activate a muscle you are simple tensing or contracting the muscle. Some muscles in the body have been rarely used and therefore are not easily activated. Other times, the brain does not make a conscious connection between you wanting to activate a muscle and the muscle contracting.


Question: I am having trouble activating my TVA. What should I do?

Answer: You may not yet be able to make a conscious connection to activate your TVA on command. Fortunately, the biofeedback that the CoreCoach provides is designed to help make this connection between your brain and your muscle.

Many people, both athletes and non-athletes alike, are not able to activate their TVA immediately upon using the CoreCoach. Activating your TVA may take some practice but should only take a few minutes to a few days before you are able to control the needle on the gauge. Keep focusing on the ice cube analogy in the training program and practice contracting your navel toward your spine while sitting, standing or lying down.


Question: How often should I use the CoreCoach?

Answer: We recommend a minimum of 4 minutes, 4 times a week. You can use it every day to see faster strengthening and stabilization of your core. But if you feel any discomfort, call your physician.

Although we recommend that everyone progress at their own pace, we find that many people advance through the videos at the following pace:

Activating your TVA: 1- 3 days

Contracting your TVA with needle steady on HOLD for 10 seconds: 1 day - 4 weeks

Leg Slide Exercises: 2 days – forever (some people may find this advanced enough)

Advanced exercises: Depends on your fitness level


Question: Should I stop after a few months?

Answer: Keep using the CoreCoach on a regular basis in order to maintain a strong and stable core. Your core will not maintain stability unless you work at it.


Question: Will the CoreCoach help my back spasms?

Answer: Many people with a weak TVA find that other muscles have been compensating for the function of the TVA. This could throw the body into misalignment and could lead to pain or back spasms. Strengthening the TVA with the CoreCoach will strengthen the TVA and may mitigate your back spasms but speak with your doctor about your condition.


Question: Will this help my sciatica, lower back pain, herniated discs, bulging discs or spondylosis?

Answer: Proper use of the device will strengthen the transverse abdominis muscle, the TVA. Consult with your physician about your specific condition.


Questions: How long will it take before I get back relief?

Answer: Some people feel more stable the first day. Other people have issues that cannot be resolved by using the device. The amount of time is also determined by your fitness level, health and how much time you spend using the CoreCoach.


Question: Will all of my core exercises be covered by using the CoreCoach?

Answer: We can't speak for everyone but we can say that building a solid core is critical to good health. We recommend a balanced exercise program. The CoreCoach will help you develop a great base by focusing on your TVA and lower abdominals, the muscles critical for stability. Once you’re stable, supplementing with additional core exercises is fine. Consult with your doctor, physical therapist or fitness trainer for further advice.


Question: I am feeling pain and discomfort when using the CoreCoach. What should I do?

Answer: Stop using the device and consult your physician. The CoreCoach is an exercise product requiring a certain level of health and fitness. Do not proceed if you feel pain or discomfort.


Question: Want to know how to assemble or operate the device?

Answer: Refer to instruction guide that came with the product or the instructions in the video training program. If you have further questions, email contact@CoreHealthBrands.com .


Question: Are witten instructions available for the NeckCoach?

Answer: No. NeckCoach instructions are only avaiable through the video training program. The movements are too subtle to describe acurately in writing or with pictures. Go to CoreHealthBrands.com/Training.


Question: Where can I access the video or written instructions? 

Answer: The videos are available for online streaming or by downloading the mobile app (search for CoreCoach in the IOS or Android app store). You can access the video training program and PDF instructions at www.CoreHealthBrands.com/Training


Question: Can I order replacement parts?

Answer: Yes, you may order just the airbag, hose, gauge or belt. Email contact@CoreHealthBrands.com with your request and we will provide the cost and ordering instructions.


Question: What is it made of (product specifications)?

  • Nylon fabric coated TPU air pillow (does not contain PVC)
  • TPU hose
  • Precision quality gauge with exercise target zones
  • Latex bulb
  • Shipping weight: 15.95 oz (packaged)
  • Shipping dimensions: 4” x 5” x 8”


Question: When does the 30-day trial period begin? (TRIAL)

Answer: The 30 days begins the day that your credit card is processed. Your CoreCoach system will be shipped by First Class Mail. Most packaged arrive in 3-8 days when shipped from California. Standard processing is 1-2 weeks. Priority processing is 1-5 days.


If you have further questions, email contact@CoreHealthBrands.com .